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Love Padlocks in Positano
Love padlocks in Positano

Learn Italian online - from an Englishman!

Question: why should I learn Italian?

Italian is considered the most beautiful spoken language in the world, according to surveys such as this one at Language Learning Advisor. It is easy to learn because of its consistency in spelling and pronunciation, and has a cultural heritage second to none in terms of literature, music, architecture, fine art and cinema which you will be able to enjoy in the original language. Italians are more friendly and less reserved than most English speakers I know, and that is only one of many reasons why Italy is such a fantastic country to visit, or even to move to!

Question: why should I do my language learning online?

If you live in the UK, Italian courses at schools and colleges are few and far between, as are Italian teachers generally. If you live elsewhere, it's probably even worse! Either way you can't beat the convenience of learning in your own home at a time that suits you.

Question: why should I choose an Italian teacher who is not Italian?

I have every respect for the valuable work done by Italian graduates who teach others their native language. However, the ones I have come across are graduates in other subjects, with no teaching qualifications or formal training in their own language since school. They learned their Italian as babies, as you did with English. if you wanted to learn a sport, would you choose a champion player with no coaching qualifications or a trained, successful coach?

About Me

I graduated from Christ's College, Cambridge in 1983 with an Honours Degree in Italian, French and Linguistics. I was the only student in my year at Cambridge to gain a Distinction in the Italian Oral exam and the only one to pass the Italian Advanced Oral. Since then I have been a regular visitor to Italy, sometimes for months at a time. In 2007 I qualified as a Secondary School Teacher with a PGCE from Angla Ruskin University in Chelmsford.

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